GRUPO COMPLEMENTA is transferred to its new corporate headquarters AVENIDA DIAGONAL in BARCELONA


GRUPO COMPLEMENTA is transferred to its new corporate headquarters AVENIDA DIAGONAL in BARCELONA

GRUPO COMPLEMENTA, a group of three companies focused on the design and construction sector formed by MANUEL TORRES DESIGN, International Study of Specialized Design in Architecture, Interior Design and Products, EXECUTARE, Leaders in Works, Products and Equipment, and SINGULAR, Communication and Design Agency, announces the move in September 2018, to its new offices in Barcelona motivated by the growth of its team and by the increase in the volume of projects and works. The new corporate headquarters will be located in an attic on the famous Avenida Diagonal nº441 in the Eixample Esquerra neighbourhood, one of the most emblematic areas of Barcelona that stands out for its historical elegance and for the presence of the economic and commercial axis of the city.

The project concept of the new offices seeks to generate a unique, iconic and avant-garde design with a futuristic atmosphere in white, finished in steel and mirror surfaces that reflect the interior and enhance existing natural light, in addition to generating a visual sensation of spaciousness. It has been given meaning by equipping it completely based on the functional program, the needs of the collaborators and according to the latest trends and innovations of the home automation and audiovisual systems sector. In order to achieve the concept of open spaces, the separations are made in a subtle way through glass screens from floor to ceiling that allow a general overview of the whole and that improve the sense of spaciousness that was sought from the beginning, without lose acoustic privacy to develop activities such as meetings with suppliers and customers.

The trends have been part of the design process, applying the SIDIB Method by MANUEL TORRES DESIGN, derived from the Biofilía, an increasingly recurrent ecological trend that has shown that placing plants in the interiors and the presence of natural light in spaces can help reduce fatigue and fatigue of employees; also other trends such as the Open-Space space, which makes the most of natural light, and ends with the feeling of closed spaces with many dividing elements; the end of standardization, with a distribution with different elements in each place, stimulating for the eyes, in this case with irregular curved shapes; the Smart Office, in which the technology is assumed as a tool to simplify all the processes allowing to regulate the intensity of the light, the height of the curtains or the temperature among other things.

The colour palette, based on the white colour, metallic finishes and the green of the plants, respects the well-being of its users and generates a concordant space in its entirety. The white colour enhances the luminosity, generates sense of spaciousness and represents the purity and clean morality of the company; the metallic finishes of the mirrors and the furniture bring brilliance, modernity, elegance, and finally the green tones of the plants, transmit sensations of freshness, harmony, tranquillity and balance. In general, the colour palette reinforces the values of the firm referring to a transparent brand with a dynamic and professional team at the same time as versatile and serious at the time of solving problems.

The design of the offices has continuity thanks to the curvilinear shapes that run throughout the space including the ceiling, the walls, and even the furniture. The rest of the elements that are part of the continent, as well as the different pieces of furniture that form the content, achieve the continuity effect that helps the perception of a unique space. The objective of the Study has been to create a new functional corporate headquarters and at the same time with its own identity that represents the values of GRUPO COMPLEMENTA, as its passion, perseverance, dedication, invariably under a common criterion of rigor, seriousness, professionalism and an excellent management of cost and time. The materials used are all ecological and LED lighting, the top quality finishes represent the high capabilities of the team to solve any type of design and architecture project up to the demands of our customers.

With its new offices, GRUPO COMPLEMENTA continues to grow to carry out quality projects aimed at the private, business and commercial sectors, offering an integral service characterized by its seriousness, professionalism and commitment.


GRUPO COMPLEMENTA offers services for the development of innovative interior design and architecture projects with MANUEL TORRES DESIGN, execution of construction works, engineering, studies and management with EJECUTARE, and management of visual communication and design for brands with SINGULAR, Communication and Design Agency. GRUPO COMPLEMENTA is the company that complements the needs of clients and companies in the design and construction sector through integral solutions with a 360º perspective, with presence in Spain (Barcelona and Seville) and Mexico (Mexico City and Santiago de Querétaro).