The house is located in the Eixample district, particularly close of the Basilica and Temple of the Sagrada Familia.

The project has consisted of a comprehensive intervention in housing, adapting the distribution of such prevailing balance and uniformity, according to the customer needs. It has been decided to enhance the personality of the home by styling based on the tonal duality, where the warmth of hardwood interacts with lacquered gray basalt.

In this way and through a project of author, has produced a set with top quality finishes, care and a contemporary and timeless image.

We opted for the use of noble materials to carry out the reform of the entire house. For the furniture has been used a combination of stained oak in hazel tone and gray satin lacquered basalt will speckling all rooms of the house giving continuity and harmony with one common denominator: sleek design and premium materials.

Furthermore, in order to create a homogeneous atmosphere, serene and elegant has also been used natural wood parquet for the pavement.

The Chromatic set is based through toasted colors provided by the wood itself and enhances the image with cool colors like gray and white glacier in the Kitchen and the Master bath. This combination brings simplicity, elegance, balance, color and sophisticated style, elegant and enduring.

The distribution and zoning of the house has been careful to preserve the setting and initial zoning housing so the intervention was greater in the areas of kitchen and master bedroom. Note the articulation, physical and visual continuity we find in the different rooms that are unfolding as we move through the house.

There is a clear differentiation between the day area has generous spaces in natural light and the night area has been in the shadows of the courtyard.