Manuel Torres Acemel, CEO of the International Studio MANUEL TOWERS DESIGN, company of GRUPO COMPLEMENTA, is waiting for you next Thursday March 7th at 12:25hrs as part of the 4th edition of the event Workplace Strategy in Barcelona, which will take place in the Showroom Actiu Barcelona in Calle Tuset 10, where he will present the latest trends in the field of the corporate sector and some of his latest projects in the sector with his lecture “How is a good office? Corporate Trends 2019 and Success Stories“.

The fourth edition of this event in Barcelona will bring together different professionals in architecture, interior design and consulting to analyze their latest projects and work in progress in the field of work spaces and offices and together to explore the changes that are taking place in the way companies work and how they affect the design of projects and workplace spaces.

We are waiting for you next  March 7th at 12:25hrs.:
Showroom Actiu Barcelona 
Carrer Tuset, 10 – 4º 3ª
08006 Barcelona


GRUPO COMPLEMENTA is a group of companies with a presence in Spain and Mexico that is created to meet the need to be able to COMPLEMENT the projects of our clients to 360 °. At present, the group includes three companies focused mainly in the design and construction sector.

  • In 2004, it began with MANUEL TORRES DESIGN, International Study of Specialized Design in Architecture, Interior Design and Products.
  • In 2010, EJECUTARE, Leaders in Works, Products and Equipment, was born to carry out the construction, engineering, study and administrative tasks that require their orders.
  • In 2013, SINGULAR, Communication and Design Agency, specialized in managing the visual communication and design part, was created.

The values shared by the companies that make up GRUPO COMPLEMENTA are their passion, perseverance, dedication and dedication, invariably under a common criterion of rigor, seriousness, professionalism and an excellent management of cost and time.