• We are observers of the everyday and we solve problems creatively transforming them into design and innovation.

  • The result of a good project is the result of a good customer.

  • Good design is a strategic tool and is all about innovation, with learning from the past, imagine the future, expressing from the present

  • Design is to dream, think, plan and create. Translate the intangible into tangible

  • Design is not an added expense for a client, is added value

  • We design experiences and create emotions.

  • The simple design is the most complicated

  • Effort, Dedication and Passion are what we give on to each one of our projects.



MANUEL TORRES DESIGN international studio specialized in architecture, interior and industrial design products founded in 2004 and composed of over thirty professionals multidisciplinary background design. Currently there are four locations: two in Spain (Barcelona founded in 2004 and Seville in 2010), in 2011 we opened our studio in Mexico City and Bogota D.C. in 2015. In this way we managed to expand our scope and consolidate a professional success supported over 300 nationally and internationally projects.

The activity in which we focus is divided into three business areas: Architecture and Interior Design Industrial Product. Our philosophy is applied to all three equally, the main features are its seal of design and innovation, with personalized service, quality and trust. All projects premium rigor, excellence and exclusivity.

As the experts in design, we transform the information transmitted by the client on a project tangible and interesting ideas; This is achieved through research and previous studies of trends and guarantee the quality of the final result.

We form a corporate structure capable of carrying out projects of different sizes to the private, commercial and business sector. Our strategy has always been to achieve excellent results, acting with logic and consistency in all processes. The main objective is to offer a truly comprehensive and quality service, emphasizing the thoroughness and speed developed for the implementation of projects, maximizing available resources and minimizing the time in the execution of the work.




Global Quality Foundation has awarded MANUEL TORRES DESIGN with the International Award “GLOBAL QUALITY GOLD” in the ELITE category. In the Great Event “Global Quality Awards” held last August 12 in Mexico City, he was given the award because of his excellent career and to promote a culture of recognition of the quality, effort and dedication, support strengthening the economic and social development in the organizations and activities that serve as inspiration for future generations.

The prize is awarded and administered by the Global Quality Foundation through its Executive Committee and a team committed to quality. This multidisciplinary team analyzes the applications based on four parameters: the history, significance, influence and projection.

The Global Quality Foundation is an International Interdisciplinary Autonomous Foundation nonprofit founded and currently based in the city of Dubai (UAE). Established in 1975 in the city of New York, brings together members from 36 nations and institutions, companies and individuals from around the world.

Looking to improve processes and quality services, tailored to meet the needs of today’s global society, rewarding and recognizing businesses, institutions and characters that have improved performance and enriched their environment and also promotes the culture of recognition for quality, excellence and work on different products, services or people, supports the competitiveness of enterprises and organizations, promotes social responsibility, cultural, sustainable development, fair trade and educational quality among others.

The Foundation’s mission is to do a great job, because through this awards ceremony raises funds for both benefits through donations to others as well so that the foundation operates, the proceeds are distributed as follows: As foundation supports international cooperation in 15 countries in Latin America and Africa with projects to help different ethnic groups for education, health, water, sanitation, productive development, training well for employment of people with disabilities, single mothers, victims of violence and schools for special people.






Av.Diagonal, 441. 8º-A.
08036 – Barcelona (Spain)


Telf: (+34) 93 215 24 38
Fax: (+34) 93 215 24 32



Avda. de la Buhaira, 3. Portal 6. 1º-Oficina 6.
41018 – Sevilla (Spain)


Telf: (+34) 691 356 781



Arquimedes, 199 .Piso 7º. Col.Polanco
11560 – México D.F. (México)


Telf: +52 (55) 2623 0304



Blvd. Jurica la Campana, 1059
76230 Querétaro (México)


Telf: +52 (442) 241 5454




In MANUEL TORRES DESIGN we enjoy the prestige of the media and the national and international press, thanks to our professional career in excellence, quality and innovation for over 10 years. At the time there have been more than a thousand publications and impacts that we’ve had on the most important specialized media.





MANUEL TORRES DESIGN is constantly growing, all thanks to its human being team, which always bases its vocation on the service to the customer, also in an excellent result of design and innovation.

Do you want to join to our team?

If you’ve always stood out among the others for being the best at what you do, for having passion for your professional career, being able to handle the pressure of commitment and knowing how to work in a team; if you are responsible, trustworthy, and talented and want to develop your knowledge into a major international firm, send us your curriculum vitae and you could apply in the selection process to join to our team.