Home automation for hotels: everything you need to know

interior decorators Barcelona Art Suite Manuel Torres Design

When it comes to reforming our spaces or thinking about a project from scratch, it is key to be at the forefront of design and incorporate a comprehensive home automation vision. If you are interested in knowing how home automation works for hotels and what steps you must follow to put it into practice, keep […]

Know the benefits of home automation for children

Reforma de interiorismo de un piso en Barcelona diseñado por el estudio de diseño internacional Manuel Torres Design donde se ve un dormitorio infantil decorado en tonos amarillos

Discover home automation for children Did you know that home automation for children can make your home safer, more fun and more comfortable for family life? In this article we tell you what are the innovations that home automation proposes for the smallest of the house as well as the benefits it generates. Home automation, […]

Inclusive housing: home automation for the disabled

home automation for the disabled

Home automation for the disabled brings great advantages and is a very important aspect today. The possibility of building a smart home increasingly brings everyday solutions for people with physical, motor, hearing, visual, sensory and intellectual impairments or disabilities. A true smart home should make the lives of those who inhabit it much easier. And […]

The keys to home automation for offices, everything you need to know

Domotics for offices in the Eurofred Group Corporate Building

Home automation for offices: more security and more comfort for our workers Born to make life at home easier and more comfortable, home automation for offices brings automation to the world of work. Can you imagine an intelligent workspace where employees feel stimulated and, in addition, allows us to reduce or avoid unnecessary expenses so […]

Calculate the budget for a home automation home

Smart thermostat for home automation budget in a home

Are you looking for prices to make your home smart? Do you want to know the budget for home automation? Find out how it is calculated and clear any doubts you may have before making the decision. As you know, technology continually advances to bring more and more convenience and comfort to our day to […]

Discover the latest advances in home automation

Domotica para niños con Google Home

Learn about the latest advances in home automation There is no doubt that home automation is here to stay. The latest advances in home automation show us that having a smart home is a very tangible and feasible possibility for everyone. Technology is incorporated into our homes to make our lives simpler and much more […]

Advantages and disadvantages of home automation

cerradura inteligente sistemas domóticos vivienda

Advantages and disadvantages of home automation Are you thinking of a digital home? Do you wonder if it brings a ‘hidden’ side? In this article, we tell you all the advantages and disadvantages of home automation so that you can make an informed decision in case you are thinking of turning your home into a […]

What are home automation actuators?

Home automation actuators: what are they? A home automation system has the ability to obtain information from sensors, process it and issue orders to home automation actuators or outputs. Counting only on an internet connection so that the entire network has Wi-Fi coverage, we can rely on an interconnected network that turns the home into […]