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Are you looking for prices to make your home smart? Do you want to know the budget for home automation? Find out how it is calculated and clear any doubts you may have before making the decision.

As you know, technology continually advances to bring more and more convenience and comfort to our day to day lives. Home automation installations go hand in hand with these initiatives and propose to combine technological advances with your lifestyle. If you think about including this type of technology in your home but you don’t know how much it can cost you, or what costs we are talking about, keep reading because this article will be of particular interest to you. We will tell you how much it costs and what budget to invest in domotizing your home and why it can be an investment and not an expense.


How much does home automation cost?

The price of a home automation installation is highly variable. To delineate a floor, we have to think that the basic price for a house of about 60 m2 and a traditional distribution, let’s say it consists of two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom, to which we want to apply lighting control, motorization of curtains and audiovisual equipment to get a home theater in the living area, it has an approximate cost of 3,000 euros (this price does not include construction costs if necessary). From this figure, there are no limits.


How is the price of a home automation installation composed?

To understand what the cost of installing home automation depends on, you have to think that there are many factors that come into play. From the size of the home to the number of equipment or systems to be included, to the quality of the equipment (if it is low, high or medium range).

Another aspect to consider is whether what we really want is to fully automate the house or we just want to apply these home automations to some specific elements. You can apply home automation to a single environment or, for example, to a single system such as lighting.


El cine en casa o home cinema


In any case, it must be borne in mind that it is very common not to domotize the house completely, but only some areas or specific elements. If you want to know how much it can cost to automate the systems you have in mind, you can ask us for a budget for home automation installations without any commitment or schedule a free design session with our experts.


What defines a home automation or smart home?

A home automation installation is a set of technological tools that aim to automate the different equipment in a home. They are systems that seek to achieve intelligent control of the property through a mobile, a tablet or a smart speaker. They are integrated with many advantages to safety and energy efficiency in addition to producing comfort for the inhabitants.


Ventajas y desventajas de la domótica con esta aplicación para controlar las luces de la habitación


“Home automation” automation has different applications in different devices and areas. On the one hand, it allows you to control lighting and some electrical appliances and, on the other, have control over the temperature and add a lot of value to safety. In the garden you can also manage lighting systems or automatic irrigation.

  • Lighting | Home automation automations can control the on and off of some electrical appliances and also the operation of some awnings and blinds to favor energy savings. By controlling electricity consumption, these types of systems can help save money on the monthly household budget.
  • Temperature | Air conditioning and heating can be easily controlled through home automation systems. Thus, the desired room temperature is achieved to get home and be comfortable, achieving much more comfortable environments.
  • Security | Whether you spend long periods away from home or the systems are applied to summer homes, you can simulate the presence of people in the home by being able to control the raising and lowering of blinds or turning lights on and off. In addition, you will have cameras, alarms and smoke detectors to prevent eventualities.


How to choose a home automation system?

To choose the system that best suits our home in particular, there are several aspects to take into account. From the size of the home to the type of use and without neglecting the needs that you want the home automation installation to cover, everything must be taken into account. Another aspect to consider is the possibility of updating or expanding the system later.

Some of the determining factors are the size of the home and the number of rooms. These characteristics directly influence the installation of home automation. You can do your installation in a specific space or throughout the house.

Looking to focus on security? Or are you interested in concentrating on the solutions for comfort and leisure that home automation systems can offer you? Knowing what you are looking for will help you more easily figure out how to get it.


An experienced provider

If you are interested in home automation and have been looking for prices and suppliers, you will see that today there are many options. However, it is best to opt for experienced work teams. This will guarantee that the facilities are 100% effective and that you can find the best solutions, adapted to your specific home.

At Manuel Torres Design, we specialize in solutions for the control of homes, offices, hotels and businesses. We have a team of specialists with more than 17 years of experience that develops smart spaces with the most advanced and innovative solutions, offering endless possibilities thanks to the latest technology and according to the needs and budget of the user. In addition, our design studio offers a comprehensive service with interior design, decoration, architecture, comprehensive renovations and construction services, to offer you the dream project.

As in all projects, the final cost of domotizing your home will vary depending on your needs, but also on the budget, scope and customer requirements. From Manuel Torres Design we help you visualize your project and we make you a customized budget. We work with all kinds of budgets: from the cheapest to what the client wants to achieve the best results. We have solutions that allow you to incorporate home automation without having to carry out any type of renovations in the property. Everything will depend on what you are looking for.

Contact us to schedule a session and clear up all the doubts you may have to understand the cost of the home automation project you want and make a custom home automation budget for your home. You will see that it is much more accessible than you thought!

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