Looking for inspiration? 4 examples of comprehensive renovations


Examples of comprehensive reforms

If you have trouble imagining how your home will look after a comprehensive reform and you need examples of comprehensive renovations to get an idea, you have come to the right place.

When starting to renovate your home, many doubts inevitably arise. You may wonder if it is really worth doing or you may instead find yourself facing an inevitable renovation and need to muster the courage to do it. In both cases, these comprehensive reform examples will bring you clear, practical ideas that will inspire you to move from ideas to action.


Housing in El Born

This 85 m² apartment located in the historic center of Barcelona and within a renovated building with more than 400 years of history, took on a new life thanks to this comprehensive reform. We have distributed the spaces in a contemporary and eclectic style in an open plan living-dining room, a kitchen open to the living room, two patios, a suite room with private bathroom, a common bathroom and a double room.

During the conceptualization of the project, the redistribution of the spaces was sought to recover their functionality. Together they have wanted to maintain the originality and essence of the building with classic Catalan architecture finishes, through elements such as hydraulic-style tiles, exposed wooden beams, revolving ceilings or exposed brick on various walls.

Modern finishes were designed to create a feeling of comfort: new furniture, aluminum exterior windows imitating the original wood, white lacquered interior doors, plasterboard eaves with indirect ceiling lights and decorative lamps to provide more lighting.

In the kitchen, we opted for a Tebas black quartz countertop and a combination of furniture in a cherry red finish and edge imitation of marine board.

The comprehensive reform transformed a home that used to be old-fashioned and dark, thanks to a project where the traditional and the modern coexist to create a spacious, bright, functional and fresh space.Comedor decorado en tonos negros y blancos resultado de la reforma integral y el diseño de interiores de esta vivienda en Barcelona por parte del estudio de diseño internacional Manuel Torres Design

House in Sagrada Familia

Located in the neighborhood of l’Eixample in Barcelona, ​​specifically near the Sagrada Familia, this project consisted of comprehensive intervention. The entire reform was thought out taking into account the new needs of the client. In the comprehensive reform, the distribution has been adapted to achieve balance, homogeneity, and functionality. Quite a success.

To enhance the personality of the home, we have relied on tonal duality, where the warmth of the noble wood interacts cordially with the basalt gray lacquer. In this way, a space with the highest quality finishes and care has been created with a contemporary and timeless image.

The color palette resulted in tan colors contributed by the wood itself and combined with cool colors such as gray and glacier white. This combination brings simplicity, elegance, chromatic balance, and a sophisticated, elegant, and perennial style.

When choosing the materials for the entire apartment, we opted for noble elements. For the furniture, the combination of oak stained in hazelnut tone and satin lacquered in basalt gray has been used. The presence of these materials in all rooms provides continuity and harmony with a common denominator: impeccable design and first-class materials. It is worth highlighting the physical and visual continuity that can be seen in the different rooms that unfold as we move through the house.

In addition, in order to create a homogeneous, serene, and elegant atmosphere, natural wood has also been used for the floating parquet flooring.

Reforma integral de un apartamento en Barcelona con un diseño elegante

Housing in Seville

This example of comprehensive reform is a project that had an incredible result that achieved balance and homogeneity.

This luxurious and contemporary home is an initiative within a comprehensive reform project of an apartment, where the distribution has been adapted in such a way that said balance and homogeneity reigns, according to the new needs of the family that will move in. Along the same lines, the architectural language points to the idea of ​​space as a clean and intimate environment and the project has been concerned with providing an interior with the feeling of being a natural place without limits.

Through a new and successful distribution, divided into a hall, a master suite that has a luxurious and spacious en-suite bathroom with dressing room and study, two double bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and dining room, balconies and terraces facing East. Looking West; a fluid and timeless scene has been created in which a calm order prevails. The day and night areas have been physically and conceptually separated: while the first is designed as an open-plan room with different environments related to each other, such as the living room and the dining room and partially integrating the kitchen into these social environments, the night area offers the privacy that is functionally required, both from a visual and circulation point of view and above all from an acoustic point of view.

Tres Torres House

Housing located in the Tres Torres area of ​​Barcelona. The project consisted of carrying out a comprehensive reform of the interior and exterior space, adapting the side terraces and the block patio. In the interior area, the real luxury is the ample space that all the rooms occupy, prioritizing functionality and essential forms.

The furniture with neutral lines has been designed entirely to form a whole, homogenizing the different spaces through the materials that compose them. American oak wood takes center stage when cladding the flooring, walls, doors and shaping the furniture.

Together with a very curated and serene chromatic through stone and brown tones that stain noble materials such as oak wood, natural silks, and linens, leather, or even decorative elements that give the spaces a highly current interpretation.

The intervention in the terraces has allowed us to cover them with copperized pine wood, forming a bench around its entire perimeter, with a lower light, integrated into the planters. In the outdoor play area, the pavement platform is combined with the installation of rubber tiles to protect even the smallest of the family from possible falls.


Vivienda Tres Torres


Do you want a comprehensive reform?

As you can see, the possibilities are unlimited and the dream of comprehensive reform in your home is indeed possible. Are you inspired by the examples of renovations we have carried out? Contact us and schedule a design session with us to bring your vision to life. We will tailor it to suit you.

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