Know the benefits of home automation for children

Reforma de interiorismo de un piso en Barcelona diseñado por el estudio de diseño internacional Manuel Torres Design donde se ve un dormitorio infantil decorado en tonos amarillos

Discover home automation for children

Did you know that home automation for children can make your home safer, more fun and more comfortable for family life? In this article we tell you what are the innovations that home automation proposes for the smallest of the house as well as the benefits it generates.

Home automation, in general, is very useful to help us protect our home, to make our day-to-day tasks easier and to allow us to save money and also time! Home automation automation adapts to all members of the family and smart homes are also adaptable to minors. Read on and discover what home automation for children is all about.

Reforma de interiorismo de un piso en Barcelona diseñado por el estudio de diseño internacional Manuel Torres Design donde se ve un dormitorio infantil decorado en tonos amarillos

Benefits of home automation for children



Security solutions, especially in cases where we must leave our children in the care of other people, are very useful. Through home automation you can have all the information about what is happening at home at your fingertips. In addition, you can also enjoy these functions when you are inside your home. By installing a discreet camera in your baby’s room, you can monitor their sleep while you do other tasks.



Easily managing curtains and lights is very simple through home automation and this will be of great help for children. They will be able to move more independently and always have the appropriate environment taking into account their needs.



Home automation can also help to adapt the different spaces in your home. You can control the lights, the sound … and adjust them to different times of the day. Whether it’s time to play games, watch movies, or even allow multiple people to do so in different rooms of the house without interrupting.


Some ideas you can put into practice

If you still have a hard time thinking about how home automation solutions for children work, these examples will help you.


Disable plugs

One of the big concerns of parents is that the plugs are usually at the height of the small children, who can touch them or try to put objects in their holes. Home automation allows you to disable some plugs in a personalized way. You can do it in a specific room, at a certain time or permanently for a few months.


Custom wake up

A smart home is a home that offers solutions. Home automation allows you to program the awakening in different rooms, without the sound of an alarm clock, curtains that open and lights that turn on. You can even personalize them with the favorite music of each member of the house to make the mornings more pleasant.


Ambient light

Domotizing your children’s room will allow you to control the light in different time slots. You can use a low intensity light to guide them if they wake up during the night to the bathroom or for a glass of water. You can also leave a night light if your children have started to sleep alone and are afraid of the dark and use smart LED bulbs to regulate the light.

Domotica para niños con el control de las luces de la vivienda


Homework help

If you find it difficult to get your son or daughter to concentrate as much as possible to do homework, home automation has applications that can help you. Deactivating devices, avoiding distractions, intensifying the table light, are some of the possibilities that will help you in your schoolwork.


Panic button

Home automation can also bring peace of mind to the little ones and their parents when they have to spend time alone at home. From a certain age, children spend time alone at home and some parents are calmer by implementing a panic button. This button activates certain automations in the house so that it responds as we want: turning on the lights, activating certain systems, etc.



After a certain time, you can schedule your TV and other devices to turn off automatically. No more bedtime arguments! In addition, you can restrict this to certain stays and modify the hours if it is school days or the weekend.

Another option for the little ones is to silence the house bell during their sleep hours. This detail is especially important when children have trouble falling asleep. You can choose a time when the bell is replaced by another light warning system or with a message on your cell phone.


Domotize the house for children

The family changes and with it its needs. By automating the house, each room can be adapted to the members of the family over time. The needs of children are not the same as those of adolescents, but home automation covers everything.

Technology is a vital part of our daily lives and that of the little ones. Today children intuitively know how to use a phone, a tablet or a computer. With home automation, they will be able to use these tools to take control of the home and this will provide them with comfort and adaptability at home.Domotica para niños con Google Home


A better coexistence

The trend is clear: our homes are becoming more and more domotic. Even among families with children. Automations make it possible to increase comfort and safety.

By making your home more comfortable with thermostats that acclimatize different areas of the house, regulating the lighting or sound, you can make family members enjoy the home each in their own way. Using the same principles that they use to inhabit the home without interrupting, you can also generate comfortable situations to share with everyone.


We advise you

Domotizing your home is a way to have comfort, security, more entertainment, both for you and for all the members of your family. If you are looking for an international design study to budget home automation solutions for your home, contact us. Our team of specialists with more than 17 years of experience is waiting to provide you with advanced and innovative solutions for your smart spaces.


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