Home automation for hotels: everything you need to know

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When it comes to reforming our spaces or thinking about a project from scratch, it is key to be at the forefront of design and incorporate a comprehensive home automation vision. If you are interested in knowing how home automation works for hotels and what steps you must follow to put it into practice, keep reading and find out all the details.

In the hospitality industry, always offering a little more is key. When we talk about a hotel, we know that the absolute differential is the guest’s comfort and those little details that make them feel more comfortable than at home. When looking for this differential that makes guests always remember their stay, home automation for hotels can provide details that remain etched in their memory. In addition, it provides a more efficient and safe work environment.


What is home automation for hotels?

Automations aimed at integrating technology into security, communication, comfort and energy management systems were initially intended as solutions for private homes. However, they are gaining a more important place within the hospitality and tourism industry. In large buildings, these home automation applications have their specific name, inmotics, and they are becoming more and more common. These technological solutions in large buildings such as hospitals, offices and, also, hotels are the latest trend that responds to the needs of users. At the same time, it also responds to the needs of managers.

In the hotel industry, home automation is gaining more and more place and it is not difficult to understand why. Home automation for hotels not only provides solutions for the work team, but also has its applications in view that make visitors feel that attention is being paid to their comfort. This adds value to the experience.

It is hard to think of a hotel where we have to open the keys to the rooms with a metal key ring or in which we cannot automate the lights and we must turn them on with a key. This indicates that home automation for hotels is here to stay. By incorporating it, we adjust to the trend that many of the greats in the industry adhere to.

The benefits of home automation for hotels

The key to home automation is intelligence: the system must be endowed with the ability to adapt to circumstances and the environment. The aim is for the user to improve their experience and for the system to act differently depending on the information it receives.

A hotel that has been domotized (they are also called smart hotels) has more tools to increase control and, therefore, security while optimizing its energy consumption. This is seen in two key aspects: for business management and for the clients’ stay. The advantages of the inmotics are not only perceived by the guests, they are also used by the employees.


Management improvements

Simple management is the best way to increase efficiency in a hotel. By optimizing work, home automation allows extreme effectiveness that reduces costs. In fact, in some cases, electricity or heating costs have been reduced by 40% by applying technological management of those areas. Security is another area that will benefit from home automation, both to prevent situations and to solve them. Having technological automations will offer many resources in this regard.

Another aspect to consider is that many of the home automation systems can be installed easily. In fact, in some cases it is not even necessary to carry out complicated work.

The key to home automation is to generate comfort and simplicity in terms of management. By managing in a more comfortable way, the freedom of the user is extended and the work of the personnel is made easier. By having the ability to monitor the security of the facilities, common areas and access to the property remotely, you can have a more efficient control of an incident in any space of the hotel.


User experience

But the benefits of home automation systems for hotels are not restricted to management, those who stay in the building can also enjoy its advantages. By being able to communicate with employees, the building will make up for the lack of human resources by making the guest feel much more accompanied.

Even the simplest automation devices make a difference, favoring energy savings and improving comfort for the guest. An example of this is the management of the climate in the room that avoids consumption peaks and reconditions the room for the arrival of the guest.

Enjoyment is a differential factor. The unique experience of using technology to achieve a more welcoming environment with control of lights, music, air conditioning, curtains and blinds. The touch terminals that are extremely intuitive and generate a memory in the customer’s mind, promoting loyalty.

To be comfortable it is necessary to be safe, home automation allows access control, providing more security to the customer. Thanks to the access control system, anti-intrusion systems and supervision, the guest feels cared for.

All this shows us why the future of the hotel industry is linked to home automation. The trend requires technology to enhance comfort to compete in a market that tends towards automation. More and more, users are looking for state-of-the-art accommodation and value the little details that bring them comfort. This business model, which is proposed to be more efficient and optimized, responds at the same time to consumer trends that seek to take care of the environment and generate sustainable solutions in the industry.

Home automation for hotels is here to stay and this is demonstrated by the way it is making its way into the sector. Efficient management, user experience that builds loyalty and local or remote access to respond to any incident; there is no reason not to think about incorporating home automation solutions for hotels and changing the way technology solves problems.

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