The keys to home automation for offices, everything you need to know

Domotics for offices in the Eurofred Group Corporate Building

Home automation for offices: more security and more comfort for our workers

Born to make life at home easier and more comfortable, home automation for offices brings automation to the world of work. Can you imagine an intelligent workspace where employees feel stimulated and, in addition, allows us to reduce or avoid unnecessary expenses so that everything is even more efficient?

That the offices are comfortable and comfortable became a fundamental part of productivity. Increasingly, companies and large organizations are targeting workspaces that benefit their workers while adhering to safety and energy efficiency. In this sense, home automation has a lot to contribute.

The dream of the smart home prompted the creation and adaptation of various technologies and, thus, home automation systems were created that help us live in a simpler way. The technological boom accompanied this trend and the advancement of new technologies improved these systems to achieve more comfort, more control and more comfort.

It is not surprising that this trend expanded and that, today, those automations originally designed for homes, take a leap into the workplace. The implementation of home automation not only improves the day-to-day lives of workers, but also means energy savings and increased safety. Whether the search is to apply it to a specific office or to an entire building, there are solutions to suit each case.


Home automation or immotics

Many times we speak of modernity in markets and in different industries, but we do not speak of offices. The growth in the application of home automation, however, is applicable to all aspects of the market and to all sectors.

If we are strict with the terms, home automation applies to homes. But this search for greater efficiency has also moved to our workspaces. Many studies indicate that productivity is closely linked to the happiness and comfort of employees, so investments in this regard are profitable.

Born in the 1970s, behind the dream of the smart home and restricted to the housing field, home automation expanded during subsequent decades with the appearance of more complex computer systems. Today we call inmiótica, or its equivalent in English ‘building management system’, to automations focused on both energy and operational efficiency in hotels, offices, industrial plants, hospitals and airports, among others.

Home automation is not only an increase in employee comfort and its consequent general improvement in performance, it is also a possibility to save energy consumption and a brand tool that positions the company at another level by adding value to its proposal.

In addition to improving design and technology, home automation in offices or inmiótica also improves brand image by enhancing branding. That is why many brands are increasingly inclined towards incorporating home automation solutions for their spaces.

Smart offices

They are so called and they are becoming a global phenomenon. Along with the growth of the digital age, companies are investing in technology for their offices to unite it with design and achieve much more attractive workspaces. With the heyday of video calls, remote communication and the flexibility of face-to-face work, new functionalities are coming to office buildings. Mobile meeting rooms and multi-function spaces are combined with the latest in design to maximize moments of relaxation.

Endless possibilities thanks to home automation for offices

Home automation for offices has many applications in workspaces, these are just a few:

  • Smart plugs with WiFi connectivity | This type of smart plugs allow you to remotely activate or deactivate connected devices, create time bands that adapt to different routines or monitor energy consumption. When using them, energy savings are achieved by avoiding the phantom consumption that the devices carry out when they are in stand-by. Although it may seem strange at first glance, this simple solution is capable of saving a lot of money in the long term and is very easy to install.
  • Air conditioning for the office | Home automation provides many solutions in this regard. Through programming we can achieve optimal temperatures and, at the same time, have control over the costs that the air conditioning generates. This automation also avoids air conditioners or heaters running throughout the night, as they can be programmed to turn on before work hours.
  • Automated curtains | Curtains that can go up and down depending on the time of day to accompany the working day. This system also allows natural light to be used to the maximum.
  • Smart alarm | It allows you to send images in real time to any device and notify immediately if there is an intrusion.
  • Lighting control | Lighting by presence sensors, regulation through buttons on the operating stations or by a mobile application.
  • Consumption and CO₂ control system | To improve the quality of air and life for all office users.
  • Irrigation automation | What allows us to have green sectors that help staff to rest and be more comfortable.


Sistemas domóticos con control de temperatura y C02 por Manuel Torres Design

Sistemas domóticos con control de temperatura y C02 por Manuel Torres Design

Sistemas domóticos


As you can see, by applying automations we can regulate not only natural light, but also ventilation to reduce the building’s carbon footprint. Consumption control is beneficial within the budget but also in relation to the environment.


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