Discover the latest advances in home automation

Domotica para niños con Google Home

Learn about the latest advances in home automation

There is no doubt that home automation is here to stay. The latest advances in home automation show us that having a smart home is a very tangible and feasible possibility for everyone. Technology is incorporated into our homes to make our lives simpler and much more comfortable. Hand in hand with design, they prepare us for the future from the comfort of the sofa. Find out about the latest in home automation and discover that the house of your dreams is closer than you think.

Technological solutions are everywhere. They are present in our work when we communicate and in our moments of entertainment. Home automation is the home side of this trend. And it is gaining more and more followers! Although a few years ago dreaming of having a house that exchanges information to make our life easier seemed an almost impossible idea, the reality is that today it is a fact within reach for many. And there are home automation options that fit the budget of each person.

Sistema de control y automatización del hogar y la vivienda


The House of the future

Until not so long ago, dreaming of a house that turns on the lights by itself when you walk through the door, fantasizing about blinds that are raised or lowered according to the time of day and the state of the sun, or imagining appliances that await you with food, was just that, a dream. These houses of the future are now a possibility and thanks to the latest advances in home automation, they are not exclusive to the homes of the rich and famous. Technological advances applied to the home are here to stay and it is not difficult to think that they will continue to be present in our lives every day.

Home automation continues to develop and grow, making it increasingly possible to have a smart home. If you are looking to include new technologies in your home, it will help you to know the latest industry proposals.


Internet of things

And one of them is known as the “Internet of things.” And it is that today it is almost impossible for us to exist without it. This digital interconnection of everyday objects with the internet is also present in the latest advances in home automation which, as a network of devices that exchange information within the home, especially benefits from it. Smart speakers were incorporated into our lives and today, by connecting with home automation systems, Alexa, Siri, Google or any of them, can respond to your demands. It is as simple as telling them what you want and, thanks to the internet of things, they can respond to your instructions whether they received them by text or voice, from your mobile phone.

Altavoz inteligente para domotizar la vivienda


Why domotize the home?

Home automation not only offers you more and more solutions in three very important areas of life:

  • Security: it allows us to have greater control and, in this way, prevent incidents and act in a correct way when in fact one occurs.
  • Comfort: its solutions allow us to be more comfortable and make the best use of time at home.
  • Accessibility: a smart home can easily incorporate accessibility technologies with voice commands, automations that eliminate the need to perform some tasks and more functions that fit each inhabitant of the house.

In addition to all this, incorporating home automation technology also increases the market value of the property.


The latest in home automation

Systems and techniques aimed at automating a home or building are advancing by leaps and bounds. They also allow technology to be integrated into security systems, energy control, communication, lighting, etc. Always oriented to provide safety, well-being and comfort to users. Home automation can be implemented in almost any home with these latest developments that adapt to everyone’s needs:


Consumption and CO2 controls

A high energy consumption in a home results in a cost of money for the economy of its inhabitants and, at the same time, it also negatively impacts the planet through CO2 emissions and pollution. Having the possibility of measuring and knowing the consumption of each appliance or piece of equipment within the home, provides a great advantage when it comes to controlling expenses. It is easier to detect a malfunction that results in excessive cost or to discover any incident, being able to reduce general consumption in a very simple way.

Control de consumo y CO2


Control of audio, video, and engines

All systems in a specific home or room can be automatically controlled to turn on and off by motion detectors. Similarly, HVAC systems can be upgraded to be programmed automatically or activated remotely depending on the needs of the home.


Control systems in lighting

Smart lighting is a given. With dimmable bulbs that allow up to 16 million colors and the ability to connect home lighting wirelessly with voice commands such as Apple Homekit, Alexa, Google or Siri, controlling and automating lighting effects at home, is increasingly user-friendly for the budget.

Últimos avances en domótica con el control de la iluminación de la vivienda

Últimos avances en domótica con el control de la iluminación de la vivienda


Home theatre

What used to be a dream, today, thanks to the latest advances in home automation, now is a reality. Automating solutions according to the environment and controlling sound, lights, video, connecting to the internet and accessing all platforms, allow you to live the complete cinematographic experience without leaving home.


El cine en casa o home cinema


A reliable team

Now you know that automating your home is more of a real possibility than it seemed at first glance. Go ahead and live a more comfortable life hand in hand with the technological solutions developed for your home.

We know that remodeling your home is not easy. This is why we always postpone it and thus delay the possibility of living a more comfortable life. To lose the fear of complicated work, it is necessary to consult deeply before starting a project associated with the latest advances in home automation. For this reason, the experience of professionals is key.

Our team of specialists, with more than 17 years of experience in solutions for the control of homes, offices, hotels, and businesses, is capable of adapting the latest home automation solutions to each particular project, developing smart spaces with the most advanced and innovative solutions. According to the needs and budget of each user, we offer infinite possibilities thanks to the latest generation technology.

Contact us and we will advise you on your project. You will see that home automation advances are also a solution for your home!

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