Manuel Torres Acemel, together with the teamwork of his MANUEL TORRES DESIGN studios, have developed, for the NOVADECOR Group, a different and personal way of understanding an idea as simple as a rug. It is the KVADRATO Collection, which has been made with different finishes and types. The fundamental goal for the creative team has been to create a line differentiated by its design and innovation, developed under the concepts of simplicity, utility, flexibility, versatility and freedom. To this end, the international design studio was raised as a fundamental premise, to develop an innovative design in its segment, to use differentiating materials characterized by their resistance, cleanliness, hygiene, maintenance and to use new unconventional clothing techniques. Finally, the integration of a simple and complete technological system was also chosen, as added value to the product design, and the use of these rugs for Indoor and Outdoor environments.


As a result of all this process, KVADRATO RUGS TECHNOLOGICAL COLLECTION was created, whose design responds to exhaustive Trend Research, inquiring about existing antecedents, analyzing exhaustive benchmarking and developing a complex system of sociological and market studies. The aim has been to design an Author’s Collection of avant-garde and international style that is clearly differentiated through design, innovation and functionality, also characterized by the use of innovative materials and receptive to the implementation of technological applications, through an innovative process of production, targeting the use in private spaces and preferably contract and institutional, thus covering the widest possible spectrum of its target audience.

KVADRATO RUGS TECHNOLOGICAL COLLECTION will be on the market from September 10th this year and will be made up of nine different colors in 3.5 mm wide polypropylene strips, with a maximum of 4 meters width and an unlimited length. It will be fully customizable in terms of color range, pattern and measurements, making it suitable for all types of spaces and any type of consumer.

In short, with the creation of this new Carpet Collection, the MANUEL TORRES DESIGN studio has managed to go beyond the mere functional use of it, thus enhancing its functionality, generating sensations and emotions through a creative and innovative design that provides significant value added to the product and, above all, comfort and practicality to its users.

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