Proyección y diseño del lujoso hotel V Motel Boutique de 10.900² al sur de la Ciudad de México.

MANUEL TORRES DESIGN breaks the mold and designs the new and luxurious V Boutique Hotel in the south of Mexico City, ideal for couples who enjoy small details and great experiences.

The project consists of modern, suggestive and daring spaces, and is already part of the city’s new skyline. Its architecture and luxurious design will not leave its users and residents of the Mexican capital indifferent. The project is designed according to the new trends in the world of hospitality: seeking experience and leisure, not only service and comfort. In this case, the proposal is Live delicious & Enjoy together.

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The sum of the complex has a total of almost 10.900m2 of surface, distributed among rooms, common areas, lobbies, restaurants and a shop; designed under a unique and avant-garde concept. The International Design Studio has been commissioned to give personality to this new establishment contributing its particular style.

Its originality surprises and is perceived immediately upon entering the hotel, with black and violet tones as predominant colors in its chromatic palette and a design that is inspired by the modern and avant-garde character of the city. In the configuration of spaces, common areas also have great importance as social catalysts, in harmony with the client’s philosophy. From the imposing facade to the exterior spaces, common areas, or the exquisite design of each room, this Boutique Hotel responds with the intention of making each user feel better than at home, providing space and tranquility for the use and enjoyment of your most special moments

The building has different types of rooms with an area between 40 m2 and 200 m2. All of them are characterized by having a high comfort, technological contribution and the luxury of the materials and finishes used. It has a total of 63 spacious rooms with avant-garde designs distributed in 10 levels where color, graphic communication and the implementation of erotic photographs are the main protagonists. Among them are suites and rooms: standard, twin, spa and sky; each with its features and details provide an incredible sensory experience to the user. Mostly equipped with Jacuzzi, LED TV and other luxuries such as wet sauna, multiple mirrors and chair Kama Sutra.

The rooms, as well as the rest of the rooms, present an energetic atmosphere where chromotherapy is present in shades such as blue, bluish green, pink, green, orange, yellow, etc. This frenzy of color, combined with a modern and sophisticated design, where care has been taken with care to the smallest detail, makes the stay a delight for the senses and the pleasure of enjoying.

The interior design project gives this hotel an excellent, innovative and elegant design of each and every one of the elements that make it up, characterized by exclusivity and emotionality; thus providing a unique avant-garde and contemporary style. With finishes and quality materials such as glass, porcelain and natural oak that flood the environment with light and serenity, thus achieving ideal scenarios to discover new experiences and find the relaxation and well-being that users seek in this type of establishment. It is one of a grandiose composition that offers the client a modern, comfortable space and a unique and innovative aesthetic.

With modern, suggestive and daring spaces, it is a place never seen before; that from the stimulation of the senses and imagination creates a perfect space to live the best experiences, without ever forgetting the commitment to the environment.

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