Terrace design: three trends that rule

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Terrace design is increasingly relevant in interior design. Going hand in hand with the revaluation of the outdoor space, the outdoor environments are reinvented to be even more comfortable and accessible. Usability, natural light, colors and textures transform outdoor spaces that evolve to incorporate new technologies and accessories. Ready to reform your terrace? We’ll tell you all about the design trends that are going strong today.

Terrace design

In recent times our customs have changed a lot. As we find ourselves modifying our habits, we have changed our vision and we have found ourselves spending more time at home and rediscovering, in some way, the outdoor spaces and the way we inhabit them. The new needs regarding our spaces have led us to give nature more value and to make the exterior coexist with the interior. This achieves more spaciousness within the home. That is why many people have begun to think about redesigning their terrace to take better and better advantage of it.

The world of design moves to the rhythm of our experiences to provide solutions and make our quality of life better and better. Hand in hand with the progressive departure from confinements, terrace design trends also bring some daring elements that express these renewed energies and allow us to enjoy the terraces much more.

Three big trends

Today we can identify three major macro trends that are projected on the design of terraces. Each of them finds different forms of expression and can be expressed in different ways, both together and separately, to achieve different results that express the tastes and customs of its users. If we talk about home terraces, these are the main ideas that define what is currently fashionable and aesthetically pleasing.

1. As it is inside is outside

One of the great macro trends that will be present in all areas of terrace design is the inside-outside. Furniture that makes the exterior and interior coexist, highlighting the importance that terraces and gardens acquire in the field of interior design. Spaces designed to extend the interior environments with furniture that are becoming increasingly important: tables, armchairs and sofas are reinvented with materials that withstand the sun’s rays and the external climate and are decorative at the same time.

The exterior is extended by continuing the decorative style of the interior. With a distribution that projects the decoration outwards. It is about thinking that the house is projected on the terrace and even to the porch.

One of the great protagonists of this trend are lamps. In their solar version, portable or with electrical installation, they fulfill a very important function for decoration. Outdoor lighting allows for better enjoyment and atmosphere. Terrace lamps are becoming more and more aesthetic, even rechargeable ones that work without cables and in formats that withstand all outdoor conditions.

Another detail that expresses this idea of ​​inside and outside are the rugs. These auxiliary pieces add color and texture and a cozy feeling that completely transforms and renews the image. The materials must be specially chosen and among those recommended are fibers, vinyls and polypropylene. Synthetics do not accumulate dust and at the same time define a corner and can even be complemented with pillows and cushions.

2. Bold details

The next macro trend that we want to analyze has to do with the flashes of design that stand out and bring personality to an environment. By opting for vintage objects that we can easily find on the trail, unique design furniture or decoration pieces that go beyond the norm, we will be giving character to our terrace and it will no longer be simply a place where we place two chairs and, hopefully, one desk.

Colour is another feature that continues to be a trend year after year. The terrace furniture is carried in vibrant colors to complement the already classic browns and grays. Looking for a more modern option? You can also opt for the combination of black iron and light wood that also stands out.

3. Green protagonist

If something takes us away from the routine and helps us to disconnect, it’s having a perspective of nature at home. Whether it is artificial grass (which can appear in a sector or the entire surface of the terrace) or real grass, the feeling of nature is one of the great trends that is going strong. Synthetic is really comfortable and there are many different models and different prices for all budgets. More or less fluffy and with short or long hair, that can be bought by the roll and it is easily installed.

Plants also add a refreshing touch. Do not stop to think only about flowers, there are green leafy plants that decorate a lot. The key to applying it is to identify the needs of the different species. Get advice from your trusted expert to find the most suitable plants for your terrace considering the hours of sunshine and the temperature. Go ahead and try a vertical garden if you have the option or group the pots to create focal points.

The contribution of home automation to terrace design

When the objective is to spend more time on our terrace or make the most of that space in our house, it is key to know that technology can contribute a lot in this regard.

At Manuel Torres Design we work with the best of signature design always at the forefront of innovation and that is why we know that home automation can be applied not only inside the home, it can also provide solutions in outdoor spaces. What does it have to offer for the terraces? Sectorized lighting that you can control from your mobile phone, speakers to accompany your moments outdoors with music and even security solutions to feel protected in your moments of rest.

Contact us to schedule a design session and think together how we can take your terrace to a new level. Our experienced team will be happy to provide solutions, answer questions and apply all their excellence and creativity to your project.


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