El buen diseño es una herramienta estratégica y tiene que ver con innovar, con aprender del pasado, imaginar el futuro y plasmarlo desde el presente.

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AT MANUEL TORRES DESIGN WE TALK ABOUT KITCHENS, it’s a fundamental room in a house!


After 16 years of experience in the architecture and interior design sector, we have designed on several occasions one of the most frequented parts of the house, THE KITCHEN.


The kitchen is the place in the house where smells, creativity, flavors and fun dance to the rhythm of the chef of the house! This makes the comfort, distribution and organization of all the components of the space very important. As well as creating an environment that gives wings to the imagination and facilitates the creation of dishes, so that cooking is a pleasure and not a duty.


In our designs you can find a wide variety of proposals adapted to the personality and needs of each client. We work with the combination of colors, the game of shapes, the variety of materials and technology, to achieve unique spaces in each house. Below we show you some of our projects according to the new trends for this year. From open kitchens to the reincorporation of tiles, a whole set of projects and trends to inspire you if you are thinking of renovating the kitchen!


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