Integral reforms and construction

Do you want to renovate your apartment or house? Do you need a complete or partial refurbishment of your office? Do you need to carry out a major work? Do you want to carry out works without worrying about anything? We provide you with integral reforms.

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Complete constructions

Our corporate structure has technical and industrial teams with extensive experience capable of carrying out works of different sizes (from 30 m² to more than 100,000 m²). We work for the private, commercial and business sector, with works and integral reforms for stores, halls, homes, skyscrapers (vertical real estate development)… always looking for the best result with a complete and integral service.


Texture and materials, the perfect combination

Diseño del interior de este edificio donde se aprecia la nueva zona de aguas diseñada por el estudio de diseño internacional Manuel Torres Design


An emblem of exclusive residential design

Comedor decorado en tonos negros y blancos resultado de la reforma integral y el diseño de interiores de esta vivienda en Barcelona por parte del estudio de diseño internacional Manuel Torres Design


Where the traditional and the modern coexist

Enter and discover all the projects


Their experiences

Marta Santacana
Marta Santacana
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We recommend Manuel Torres Design. They coordinated the renovation of our 5-story corporate building. Resolute and organized. A good partner to work with in big projects.
Marc Dominguez
Marc Dominguez
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I have been an MTD customer for more than 10 years, both privately and professionally. Undoubtedly, their tailor-made solutions stand out, among others, in design, elegance and functionality. It is a pleasure to continue to count on their services.
José Enrique Ponce de León
José Enrique Ponce de León
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I highly recommend MANUEL TORRES DESIGN, represented by Mr. Manuel Torres Acemel, with whom we have personally collaborated. This company, among other qualities, has the ability to deliver the work on time, following the specifications stipulated in the contract.
Ignacio Bezares
Ignacio Bezares
Country Manager Mexico
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The company meets all the characteristics and qualities necessary for the development of projects, highlighting its seal of design and innovation, with a personalized, quality and reliable service. Rigor, excellence and exclusivity prevail in all projects.
Alejandro Vázquez
Alejandro Vázquez
Director General
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The company meets all the characteristics and qualities necessary for the development of projects. It stands out for its seal of design and innovation, and its personalized, quality and trustworthy service. In all its work, rigor, excellence, exclusivity and dedication to service are its main priorities. The multidisciplinary work team and its corporate structure, makes it capable of carrying out projects of different sizes achieving excellent results, acting with logic and coherence in all processes. To emphasize the meticulousness and speed developed for the accomplishment of its works.
Ruben Sans
Ruben Sans
Founder & CEO
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Fantastic professionals with impeccable workmanship. Very happy with their services.
Germán Palomas
Germán Palomas
Founder & CEO
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The firm has been collaborating with DIMSPORT since 2010, offering its professional services as suppliers of Interior Architecture and its development has been very satisfactory. It meets all the characteristics and qualities for the development of projects, highlighting that one of the main qualities is its seal of design and innovation, with a personalized service, quality and confidence. In all projects, rigor, excellence and exclusivity have always prevailed.
Gerardo Roa
Gerardo Roa
Export Director
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The design of the Piura faucet line provided us with what is undoubtedly one of our most appreciated and representative jewels in all the markets in which we participate.



Global Quality Gold International Award in the ELITE category.


The Foro Europa awards the GOLD MEDAL to the designer and interior designer Manuel Torres Acemel.


Interior designer of the year' for Manuel Torres Acemel in the ninth edition of the QUATRIUM awards.


Interiorismo Plus Award for Manuel Torres Acemel in the 1st edition of the IPLUS awards.


Manuel Torres Design is awarded the Prisma prize.


The Mexican Society of Interior Design (SMI) awards Manuel Torres Acemel its recognition.


Global works and reforms

Whatever the size of your work or reform, from Manuel Torres Design we assure you an excellent result in all phases of the process.

In addition, our ‘turnkey’ service allows us to provide you with a comprehensive service covering any need you may have along the way.

And it is precisely this meticulousness and these resources used in all our projects that make us worthy of appearing in the main national and international media and press.

Revista Elle Decoration donde sale el diseño de interiores realizado por el estudio de diseño internacional Manuel Torres Design
Revista Obras donde sale una construcción de Manuel Torres Design
Revista Spain Contract donde sale un proyecto de arquitectura y diseño de interiores realizado por el arquitecto e interiorista Manuel Torres Design


We answer your questions

The execution of any work requires minimum time and deadlines. The challenge is to correctly plan the previous project, the volumes of each space and the materials to be used. Before starting, we make a detailed planning of the times.

The cost of construction varies, there are minimum rates. Ask now for your free estimate.

We carefully choose our industrialists, endowed with extensive experience. In addition, our premise is always to offer excellent results in all our works and reforms, characterized by meticulousness.

At Manuel Torres Design we make sure that our projects meet the established timelines and are always on budget. We take care of every detail.

Sure, no problem. The cost of legalization and fees is a percentage of the cost of execution.

Do you want a project with the

We carry out projects and services (interior design, architecture, integral reforms and product design) for individuals, entrepreneurs and companies. We anticipate your needs and offer you the best result.

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What else can we help you with?

Our goal is to offer you a comprehensive service.
Therefore, we have other related services that help us to provide that added value to our client.

Interior design and decoration

We want to design and decorate a space that you will fall in love with. Always with our seal of author design and innovation.
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We develop tailor-made projects, starting from an existing construction or from a land to be built.
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Product design

Our product designs have their own personality, character, distinction and humanizing value.
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