Grupo Complementa offices

Diseño de las oficinas del Grupo Complementa en Barcelona incorporando las nuevas tecnologías y las tendencias eco-friendly.

GRUPO COMPLEMENTA presents its new offices in Barcelona motivated by the growth of its team and by the increase in the volume of projects and works. The new corporate headquarters is located in an attic on the famous Avenida Diagonal No. 441 in the Eixample Esquerra neighborhood, one of the most emblematic areas of Barcelona that stands out for its historical elegance and the presence of the city’s economic and commercial axis.

Since the offices today are considered the new home, we are committed to joining the environmentally friendly trends that we have been developing in our projects for a decade, taking care of the details and design of each and every one of the spaces in our newly opened corporate office for the concept of open space and biophilic design.

MANUEL TORRES DESIGN, from GRUPO COMPLEMENTA, it has followed the eco-friendly trends for the design of this space, since it has incorporated products and materials that help optimize resources. Jung brand F50 keyboards have been installed for intelligent lighting and curtain control thanks to scene settings; Intercell steel technical floor, which gives a more industrial appearance to the space, while providing security, lightens the weight of the building structure and allows very simple wiring manipulation; Freeze-dried moss inlay on the walls that provide naturalness to the space while helping to acoustically insulate, and eliminate about 90% of environmental pollution. All this accompanied by mirrors that reflect the light in every corner of the office to optimize the use of natural light, complemented with artificial lighting by means of adjustable LED strips that contribute to a luxurious finish, illuminating the space efficiently and accentuating the characteristic curvilinear forms of ceilings and walls. The proper use of lighting techniques and the selection of white color for furniture, contributes to the optimal performance of the activities of our work team.

The interior design of this office reflects originality and solution of spaces incorporating organic and asymmetrical forms of white color, generating movement and subtracting monotony to the space, accompanying with added details in green thanks to the walls. The result has an avant-garde and space-wide aspect.

The proposal, created by MANUEL TORRES DESIGN in its entirety, is the result of the study experience that it has as an international design firm focused on Architecture and Interior Design. With its new offices, GRUPO COMPLEMENTA continues to grow to carry out quality projects aimed at the private, business and commercial sectors, offering an integral service characterized by its seriousness, professionalism and commitment.

GRUPO COMPLEMENTA offers services for the development of innovative interior and architectural projects with MANUEL TORRES DESIGN, for the execution of construction, engineering, studies and management with EJECUTARE, and for the management of visual and design communication for brands with SINGULAR , Communication and Design Agency. GRUPO COMPLEMENTA is the company that complements the needs of clients and companies in the design and construction sector through integral solutions with a 360º perspective, with a presence in Spain (Barcelona and Seville) and in Mexico (Mexico City and Santiago de Querétaro ).

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