Interfono innovador y funcional diseñado por el estudio de diseño internacional de Manuel Torres Design


Nuevo interfono innovador y funcional que marca tendencia por su calidad, diseño y confort.

MANUEL TORRES DESIGN projects a new front of innovative interphone, pure design and functionality, which will become an international benchmark in its segment. The latest in High Tech and adapted to the latest trends in technology and design.

INTEC, the largest Mexican manufacturer of intercoms in Latin America with more than a thousand representatives and distributors nationwide, central and South America, has relied on MANUEL TORRES DESIGN to redesign its products under the signature of author of the international design studio.

A complete and complex research study has been carried out and in a continuous search to tie technology with tradition, addressing a product that not only solves practical needs but is linked to the user and is capable of transmitting emotions.

INTEC, is a 100% Mexican company, founded in June 1965, recognized for its excellent quality and cutting-edge finishes. His dynamic spirit stands out in his concern to expand his vision, expresses his constant interest in innovation and the desire to develop products that respond to the needs of people.

These two companies have joined together to create a new alliance that jointly address a concept that goes hand in hand with the design, technology and experience of both companies, joining forces in the continuous search to create a product that stands out for its quality and design, as well as with the aim of setting trends in the sector and functionality and comfort in people’s lives.

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