Vivienda Tres Torres


Reforma integral del espacio interior y exterior de esta vivienda en la zona Tres Torres en Barcelona.

Housing located in the area of ​​Tres Torres de Barcelona, ​​the project has consisted in the realization of a comprehensive reform of the interior and exterior space, adapting the side terraces and the courtyard.

In the interior area, the real luxury is the ample space that all the rooms occupy, giving priority to functionality and essential forms.

The furniture of neutral lines has been designed integrally to form a whole, homogenizing the different spaces through the materials that compose them.

American oak wood takes on the leading role by covering the pavement, walls, doors and shaping the furniture.

The American oak wood takes the most prominence to cover the floor, walls, doors and furniture. Together with a very cured and serene chromatic by shades of stones and browns that dye the noble materials such as oak, silk and linen natural, skin or even decorative elements.

Giving the spaces a very current interpretation.

The intervention on the terraces allows us to be covered with pine wood, forming a bench around the perimeter, with lower light, integrated into the planters.

In the outdoor play area, the pavement floor is combined with the installation of rubber tiles to protect the smallest of the house from possible falls.

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