Art Suite Hotel

Una Suite de hotel con carácter urbano, elegante y contemporáneo que mezcla el ambiente cosmopolita, con el look urbano y el racionalismo austero.

The interior made for this space, is inspired by the cosmopolitan environment through deep brown and gray tones; the urban look imbued with romanticism in its purple and mink colors; and austere rationalism, where the contrast of black and stainless steel dress the forms that make up the furniture design and zoning with simplicity, elegance and sophistication.


It presents a Suite of hotel of urban character, elegant and contemporary, through the integral design of all the elements that compose it; study of lighting, furniture and various sanitary elements, as well as a curated selection in the chromatic realization of the coating materials in charcoal tones for floors and cladding in walls, purple in chimney and borada, pretending to enhance with the latter said materials.

The chromatic is contributed through singular works of Art of vanguard; sculptures, painting and photography, Noble Materials; American walnut in furniture, upholstered in leather and garments in flame retardant fabrics in black, with seams or areas in purple.

Technological materials; coatings through innovative cladding, silk vinyl paper in mink tones and glass fumé all of them, provide nuances that contribute to the dialogue of Harmony Chromatic, balance and seduction that requires the traveler.

The lighting project has been treated in a personalized way in each area of ​​the Suite (Bathroom, Dresses and Bedroom-Living), through point and indirect light, through sources of incandescent light, fluorescence and LEDs.

According to the different objects that have been wanted to enhance and to the uses of each zone all controlled by several scenes of light control.


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