Interior de una suite completamente reformada y diseñada por Manuel Torres Design


América, Europa y África se fusionan para crear un espacio de atractivos contrastes. Un lugar donde los visitantes de culturas diferentes se sientan identificados.

The concept of the space has been inspired by the fusion of three continents, specifically the American continent, Europe and Africa. It is a space in which the perfect fusion of different designs and elements create attractive contrasts. The intention is to create a place where the visitors of the Design House, people from the world of art, architecture, design, and different cultures, come together in a space in which each one feels identified.

The color balance is an important factor in space. Following the current chromatic tendency of natural colors, alive and pure, the tones that lead and encompass the space have been applied: the blue of the Caribbean Sea, as a representation of peace and harmony; while the intense green of nature is ecology and reflects the current of sustainable design. Both colors materialize in the design of a die-cut paneling that, thanks to its uniqueness, introduces us to a visual effect by playing with the chromatic contrast.

A design where the combination of the noble materials used, such as wood, leather and leather, and innovation in design, results in a unique, interesting and unusual environment.

The eclectic style bedroom is fun, eccentric, bold and colorful. The study of MANUEL TORRES DESIGN has shaped in an original way the creation of environments that reflect a taste for the beauty of other cultures and times. Upon accessing the space, he welcomes us to abstract and contemporary works by the consecrated Spanish artist Gloria Cañadó. The minimalist expression is found in the reading lamp, conceived as a piece reduced to the essential, stripped of leftover elements, a simple and sustainable design where the beauty of wood is evident. The spirit of nature becomes evident in space. In the Rest Area, where a bed dressed in cobalt blue and intense green welcomes us, combined with touches of color in the unique cushions that illustrate faces, enriching the space of tradition and ancestral culture. On the headboard we find a composition of African masks that praise the tradition and the handmade. All this mural is embraced by two wicker lamps in pitch black that put an end to this composition from the African continent.

In the anteroom to the bathroom we immerse ourselves in an area where there are two sinks in glacier white in contrast to an intense black background materialized on the floor and contrasted with the intense green tone of the vertical coatings. Two hand-crafted mirrors with a teak wood frame crown both sinks. Crossing the anteroom to the bathroom we go to the Hygienic Zone where the variety of decorative objects draws attention. Following in a less dreamlike line, on W.C. we find a mirror formed by superimposed chromatic planes that result in a greater spatial volume to the area. The towels, with a striped pattern and fringes, are a nod to the typical clothing of the Andean areas. In Enlightenment, a specific stage light has been used. The resulting atmosphere is a game of shadows and shadows provided by the two hanging luminaires on the sides of the bed and complemented by the N-TWELVE ceiling lamp, which levitates on the bed and which is exclusively designed by MANUEL TORRES DESIGN manufactured to measure for this space.

In this museum representation, the linear brushwork is reinforced by combinations designed in a personal way, giving meaning to the phrase “less is more”.

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